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What to Expect

At Skinpossible Laser & Light every patient will receive a complementary consultation where you will get your tattoo(s) assessed and receive all the information you need and they perfect time to get all of your questions answered with the true.  We make sure your experience is more than you expect offering a personalized plan with the clinical before and after care a medical procedure requires. Our staff will be your guides, leading you through a process that is far easier than you may expect. Before we begin, you will know how it works and what you can expect so you can make an informed decision. 


Step 1: Consultation | Tattoo Assessment


Every Tattoo is different, that is way you will receive a personalized plan, specific to your tattoo's color, size, location as well as skin type. At take it off faster you only pay by the area covered by ink. Our consultant is professionaly trained to accuratly assess and inform you, so after the consult you will be able to make an informed decision and knowing what to expect.


Step 2: Scheduling your treatments


Removing tattoos weather you want to fade it or remove it is possible in an average of three to six treatments.. The removal of the ink is a gradual fading process that requires a series of treatments scheduled six to eight weeks apart, the longer you wait between treatments the better. Treatments last only a few minutes depending on the size of your tattoo and we will work with you to fit them into your schedule. 


Step 3: During Treatments | After Treatments


The treatment length with depend on the size of your tattoo, but usually they does not take more than a few minutes. The process itself is not extremely painful, however we will use a numbing cream and a chilled air device to assure greater comfort. After the treatment you are not alone, we will give you post treatment instructions and follow up on your process. We recommend you purchase the tattoo removal kit aftercare.


Step 4: Great Results 


At Skinpossible we truly care and work with you to fulfill your expectations. That's why we are transparent in your initial consultation so that by the end of your treatments you will find you got exactly what you expected.


Get Started! 

Consultations at Skinpossible are always free, thorough, and educational. Can't come in? No Problem! We have developed a convenient method of remote consulting that ensures you get a detailed consultation and assessment via phone and email. We also offer evening and weekend treatment hours, to accommodate even the most challenging schedule.

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