Why Choose Take it off faster/ Skinpossible?

Because, thanks to our Picosure laser, we can do just that... take the ink off faster! There are many different tattoo removal technologies on the market. In addition to Picosure, Cynosure has Accolade, Medlite C6, and RevLite. Fotona Lasers has QX-Max. More obscure companies like Quanta Lasers have a series of technologies. Some laser tattoo removal places have lasers from unknown Asian companies who offer cheap technology that has noFDA or Health Canada approval to speak of. All of the above mentioned lasers are Q-Switched lasers and, therefore, do not fire their laser at Picosecond speed. This is what distinguishes Picosure from all other lasers, and why it has been clinically proven to remove tattoos in half or even one-third the number of treatments as a Q-switched laser.