Tattoo Cover-ups: To fade, or not to fade?

Tattoo shows such as Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Masters give people a false impression that tattoos can easily be covered up with other tattoos. Finding an artist with the confidence and skill to cover up something like large black tribal with a beautiful modern image is rare. Trying to cover any tattoo limits the possibilities for new art because you have to work around the tattoo you already have.

Fading the old tattoo first with a few Picosure treatments allows you to clear the canvas and truly create something that reflects your personality and tastes. For those who cover up without fading first, more often than not what is created is worse than what they started with. The words I hear often are "It looks like a big blob." To add insult to injury, the fresh thick ink of a cover-up is far more difficult to remove than the old, faded ink they covered would have been.


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