Some Relationships don't last forever so why should your tattoo?

calgary laser tattoo removal picosureThis Valentine's Day why not demonstrate your love by getting your ex off? Has love left an unwanted mark on you? Perhaps a tattoo with your ex’s name on it? A dancing cupid? Or winged hearts? And maybe an arrow for good measure? Some relationships don’t last forever so why should your tattoo?  


The ink used in tattoos is made from minerals. To understand how tattoo removal works think of the ink as tiny “rocks.” Traditional lasers used for tattoo removal are called Q-Switches. These nanosecond lasers predominantly rely on photothermal action and deliver heat into the pigment and surrounding tissue. With multiple treatments, the “rocks” are broken down into smaller and smaller “pebbles.” Many treatments are required to slowly clear the ink and total clearance is rarely possible.


Picosure operates at speeds measured in trillionths of a second. It uses pressure-wave technology that creates an intense mechanical impact that shatters the ink into tiny particles. The “rocks” are not reduced to “pebbles,” but instead become “sand.” These tiny ink particles are easily eliminated from the body. Tattoos are cleared in fewer treatments, with less energy, and without injuring the surrounding skin. PICOSURE leaves traditional lasers "IN THE DUST". The Picosure laser is effective on previously treated tattoos that failed to clear and even stubborn inks can be removed with fewer treatments. Tattoos can be cleared in one-half to one-third the time as traditional lasers and with less discomfort.

Calgary tattoo removal


Tattoos are cleared in fewer treatments, with less fluency, and without injuring the surrounding skin. Another indication for Picosure is scar revision. Thus, it has proven effective at removing previously treated tattoos that became impacted in scar tissue and failed to clear after multiple Q-switch treatments. Healing time after a Picosure treatment is similar to that of traditional lasers but far fewer treatments are required. Greens and blues which are notoriously difficult to remove with Q-switch lasers come off easily with Picosure. We have witnessed complete clearance of green and light blue ink in 1 to 3 treatments. Black, dark blue, and other colours fade more slowly and may require 3 to 5 (occasionally more) treatments. Red and white will fade much slower than other colours. The pigment will diminish gradually over a period of 6-8 weeks. Treatment may then be repeated.


Picosure™ laser tattoo removal will cost less than traditional laser tattoo removal because fewer treatments will be required. The cost per treatment will be determined by assessing the size of your tattoo. At Skinpossible™ you only pay for the area covered by ink and there is no extra cost for coloured tattoos.  You will pay as little as $125 per treatment!  Yes, you can count on receiving quality treatments and a high standard of care for a reasonable price every day at Skinpossible.  Fade ink to clear the canvas for better art, or clear it completely!  We also treat cosmetic tattoos. Assessments are free, so call today!



Roberta Segar is the owner and treatment director at 
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