"I am removing a sleeve tattoo and previously had four Qswitch R-twenty treatments on the lower half only. Then I went to Skinpossible for picosure treatments. I wish I had done pico first because as it turns out Qswitch makes it harder to remove after the fact. The parts that have had the pico laser only are actually clearing faster than the parts that have been treated with both lasers. The girls use numbing cream and a cooler so I can do an entire sleeve session easily and it's significantly less painful. I wish I'd done it a lot sooner because it does clear ink faster. A LOT faster!"

Ryan B

"I want to replace the tattoos that I got when I was younger. As a tattoo artist I know that covering up tattoos with a beautiful image isn't easy. Isn't it better to just start with a clean slate. A co-worker told me about Skinpossible's Picosure laser, how easy the procedure was, and then seeing for myself the good results. To me, a few sessions with a laser to fade a tattoo so you can cover it with anything seems like a better idea than trying to cover it up with a small list of possibilities. I want artwork that shows my new styles! The process was easier than I thought it would be, and definitely faster!"  Read More

Christina S.

Picosure for tattoo removal works! It is easy and mostly painless! I had a colorful tattoo with black, green/blue and pink. The black was mostly gone after the first treatment. Now after three treatments the pink and green/blue are also almost gone. I think 2 more treatments and I will be done. The price is reasonable compared to places I researched in Calgary, and the technicians at Skinpossible are great! As for the pain...after reading many picasure reviews online I was prepared for the worst, but it hardly hurts at all. I bought a tube of Emla ($50) and have used that to numb the sting of the laser. The treatment only takes 10 minutes so its quick. The worst part is actually an hour later when the numbing wears off and then for the next day or two...it feels like a bad sunburn...tolerable. Thanks Skinpossible! 

Karen G

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what a superb experience I had this morning. From the days prior reading up on everything on your website, to the drive up the hill (gorgeous!), to walking in to a beautifully furnished clinic, to being greeted cheerfully and authentically by Koreen, to my consultation with the incredibly kind and informative Maggie, I left with a huge smile on my face. 

Dana V.

Awesome job removing my ugly tattoo I'm so happy :)

Giulio C.

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